Hey We Aren’t Dead!

Hello! Guess what? We aren’t dead!! At this point our blog pretty much is, but hey! We came back! Anybody who works retail can understand how busy Nina and I are at the store right now; we’ve been drowning in Christmas junk for over a month already, and we are just getting started. We are going to be busy until next year (yes that’s only like a month and a half away, but I love those corny New Year’s jokes).

As for me, I’m FINALLY not sick (for now). I got rid of my nasty sinus infection for maybe a week before I managed to catch another one. That’s how my luck goes! I’m now feeling better and starting to get my life back on track again. My grades are decent, I’m working a ton, and I’m volunteering every Tuesday at the retirement home. I’m busy, but not too busy.

Both Nina and I are trying to keep our heads high as we head into this horribly busy season while still being short-staffed. We’ve started to get some fresh faces in who are doing well (aside from a few hiccups) and our original staff members (those who needed it) are starting to show some improvement 🙂

I’m super excited because we are doing Secret Santa this year! And we are having a holiday party with (almost) all of the staff outside of the store. Hopefully this will help bring our store together as we head into this busy holiday season!

Hopefully we can start posting more, but there’s really not much going on with us besides Christmas right now. Love you!!!

❤ Beth

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