It’s All Just a Matter of Time

Well now that Christmas season is over in the retail world it is time to get back to the normality and the simplicity of life. Trust me when I say that I am so thankful the holidays are over. There was so much stress and anxiety surrounding the season this year and it made it completely unbearable. I could not wait to take down my Christmas tree and get the house back in order. And most importantly, I couldn’t wait to get back to writing.

Obviously Beth is now back in classes and she is working full time as well (I know, she’s nuts in a good way). But my hope is that in some spare time we will get an opportunity to try out some life hacks we have been gathering from the internet over the last few months for us to really try out and be able to share with everyone. We have saved everything from baking ideas to pan cleaning tips for caked on stains and even some cleaning hacks and DIY cleaning product ideas that look to be fairly cheap and work almost as good as the name brand expensive stuff from the store.

Until then, I am sure we will fill up time with doing homework and cleaning and being us. But I am hoping to try and get a regular posting schedule back on track once again. This week will be difficult because Beth is working a few weird shifts in order to complete the cosmetics resets at Walgreens. But hey, maybe she’ll write a sleep deprived post about the experience of that. Who knows.

Until next time my friends,

sorry it’s short.

Nina ❤

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