Beth’s Hidden Talent

So anyone who truly knows me might already know this, but I’ve got a special hidden talent. It’s not something you would guess by just looking at me, or by lookin at my grades or anything like that. I, am a master procrastinator. Now I know this isn’t something I should be necessarily proud of, but I DID graduate high school with highest honors so obviously something worked well for me!

Over the years I’ve noticed that when I’ve been given a deadline weeks in advance, I will still wait till a few days, or even the day before something is due to finish it. Along with this, I have also found I tend to work better under pressure. Before I go any further, THIS IS NOT ADVOCACY FOR PROCRASTINATION!! Procrastinating has caused me much unneeded and avoidable stress, so try not to do what I do. On the flip side of that, don’t be so quick to judge someone who does procrastinate. Perhaps they are like me.

I’m also that person who never seems to study. Now this isn’t because I think I’m super smart and already know everything; it’s because my brain physically doesn’t allow me to sit and “study” like normal people do. Generally, if I am going to learn and remember something, it will stick with me when my professor says it or I read it in a lecture. Going back over my notes or making flash cards just don’t seem to help me remember things. Once again, I don’t recommend doing this! The amount of times I have wished to be able to study on a regular basis rather than cramming the night before and hoping something sticks are innumerable.

I guess my point in this post would be don’t let someone’s study habits judge how you see them as a person. Yes I study like a high school drop out, yet I am on the Dean’s List. Yes I push off my homework until the last possible minute (even now as I write this I have homework I should be doing), yet I almost always get it done and turned in. Nobody is perfect and no two people learn the same way, so don’t treat everyone the same way.

Hope you enjoyed my slight rant guys! Love you!

❤ Beth

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