The World of Scentsy

I just joined Scentsy a few weeks ago (well, almost a month ago at this point). I have had a blast with it so far. Beth and I teamed up to make samples which turned out really nice! I had my launch party and I was able to sell enough to obtain my first incentive with Scentsy within my first two weeks. It is called the shooting star award. Basically you have to sell a certain amount in dollars and then you can get a shooting star kit which costs you quite a bit but it is loaded with TONS of stuff (like…. five warmers, laundry stuff, body washes and hand soap, scent bars, scent circles, scent paks and more! Well worth the price because it’s at a really decent discount.

I am so excited to go back to Fargo tomorrow to open the first shipment of my shooting star kit because it is waiting for me! I am currently in St. Cloud visiting my family and I also brought down a set of testers and a bunch of catalogs for those who are down in the St. Cloud area.

I am so excited to go on this journey with Scentsy. I don’t think I will be able to make the incentive trip to Mexico this time around because I lost all of the selling month of February to earn and I don’t have anyone on my team who sells under me. But alas, there is ALWAYS next year! I am looking forward to building my customer base, learning more about the products and experiencing everything Scentsy has to offer me.

I will most likely be posting a lot more about Scentsy on this blog but who knows, I have thought about branching out and creating a Scentsy specific blog but I have not decided for sure yet.


Thank you for all of your support.

Nina ❤

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