We haven’t created an epic bio yet….. That’ll go right here 😀


About Us Personally

Beth: Stubborn, savage and sensible. Don’t piss me off, I’ll try not to piss you off. Yes I’m the younger one, but that just means I haven’t had as much time to get in trouble, yet. I try to tell things as they are and don’t have time for petty drama. I either withdraw into myself  or latch onto others, there’s really no in between. Luckily for Nina, she’s received the latter of the two 😉

Nina: Sarcastic, sassy and sensitive. Yeah, I know they don’t go together but hey, life is random and so are we! I’m Nina, I am the older, wiser and more fun of the two (jk, Beth is actually more fun and wiser). I am outspoken and surprisingly, labeled as an introvert. However, I love being loud and boisterous and funny. A little randomness about me will definitely come out as we take this journey together. Enjoy the journey! >:)