Hey We Aren’t Dead!

Hello! Guess what? We aren’t dead!! At this point our blog pretty much is, but hey! We came back! Anybody who works retail can understand how busy Nina and I are at the store right now; we’ve been drowning in Christmas junk for over a month already, and we are just getting started. We are going to be busy until next year (yes that’s only like a month and a half away, but I love those corny New Year’s jokes).

As for me, I’m FINALLY not sick (for now). I got rid of my nasty sinus infection for maybe a week before I managed to catch another one. That’s how my luck goes! I’m now feeling better and starting to get my life back on track again. My grades are decent, I’m working a ton, and I’m volunteering every Tuesday at the retirement home. I’m busy, but not too busy.

Both Nina and I are trying to keep our heads high as we head into this horribly busy season while still being short-staffed. We’ve started to get some fresh faces in who are doing well (aside from a few hiccups) and our original staff members (those who needed it) are starting to show some improvement 🙂

I’m super excited because we are doing Secret Santa this year! And we are having a holiday party with (almost) all of the staff outside of the store. Hopefully this will help bring our store together as we head into this busy holiday season!

Hopefully we can start posting more, but there’s really not much going on with us besides Christmas right now. Love you!!!

❤ Beth

I am Nina.

What is it to really be someone? Well I suppose it must be the accumulation of all the things that have and have not happened in someone’s life that really makes each person who they are.

Alright, yeah, that is NOT me.

As my title says: I’m Nina!

I am 24 and still learning how to fully live life. I went to Concordia College at Moorhead and majored in Political Science with minors in English and Communication studies. My goal is to work towards a political position (even on the school board) and continue doing what I enjoy (which is quite a bit).

I am an avid netflix and chill kinda woman, however I have broadened my horizons into WWE network, Hockey and Hulu ;). I love watching Wild Hockey thanks to my husband, WWE is one of my passions from long ago that the hubby also brought back into my life and well netflix and hulu is all me!

I also enjoy gaming. Call of Duty, Resident Evil, Wolfenstein, and more! Board games are also a big part of my life and I have an entire closet of them.

Another passion is reading, Holy monkeys: I do like books. Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, Divergent are some series that I am overly obsessed with so feel free to chat with me about any of those at length! 😀

For my last note a little about me personally. My husband and I (we’ve been married 3 weeks now), have a new house and we have two lovely fur children (cats) who will probably make an appearance on the blog at some point.

Until then reach out, comment, like, share and ask me or Beth whatever questions you have!




Love always

Nina ❤

I am Beth


As the title of my post suggests, I’m Beth. Welcome to mine and Nina’s blog. I’m not yet sure what our goal with this is, but hopefully somebody finds enjoyment in our writing.

I figure I should give you guys a little insight into who I am. I’m an almost 20 years old girl from St. Cloud, MN. I am studying at NDSU and majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Spanish. I plan to attend law school and become a prosecution attorney.

I spend most of my free time, the little that I have, playing video games. I play The Sims, Minecraft, Call of Duty, you name it and I’ve probably either played it or seen someone else play it. I am an avid viewer of Youtube, mostly video game commentators. I’m always looking for suggestions so feel free to share your favorites with me 😀

I can’t think of much else to write, but I’m always willing to answer questions! You can find me on social media: Facebook Twitter Instagram

❤ Beth