Face Masks

So I’m not usually a face mask kind of gal, but Nina and I were at the mart of walls the other day and we saw a bunch of masks on a sale so we decided, what the hell let’s have a “girl’s night” and do face masks!

Overall, the masks weren’t too bad. They weren’t anything spectacular and I definitely still don’t understand the obsession with them, but it was an ok way to waste half an hour. 

We both got a face sheet mask and a collegean lip mask. We started with the sheet masks. If you’ve never used a sheet mask before, be warned: they feel slimy!! It was very cold and slimy when I put my mask on. I also felt like the mask was going to fall off. (PS it didn’t) the two of us say and watched Law and Order while letting our masks sit. It was kind of difficult to speak with the mask because it felt like you would either get some of the mask juice in your mouth or the mask would slip every time you moved your face. 

The lip one was down right weird!! If you have issues breathing through your nose, do not use this mask!! 

In all, I couldn’t tell a lick of difference after using the masks. Only thing I felt they did was get weird feeling, cold gel stuff all over my face. 

❤ Beth

Top Purple Review

Here’s the thing about this post… Nina just moved into a new house a couple months ago. This is going to be probably a recurring theme throughout our blog considering the fact that we have a place to test household items where we aren’t worrying about paying it back later (as in when we try to get a deposit back).

A little bit about the finding of Top Purple cleaning product. We found this at the Red River Valley fair when we went together this summer. We made the mistake of going into the vendor booth (bad idea for two females who have nothing to lose by trying new things and the word ‘SALE’ also didn’t help). Basically, we obtained 3 different sized bottles of this “miracle cleaner” for a rather cheap price. The best part, the lady did some tests for us right there!

These tests included glasses of one of our cohorts that day, sunglasses, phone screens, and the rings we were wearing. We were seriously impressed at the versatility of this product and we couldn’t wait to try it on even more items.

Alas, back to the topic at hand: Nina’s house. More specifically, the shower upstairs. This shower head was DISGUSTING! It clearly had issues and the pressure of this shower head was not fantastic. So, here we went with our Top Purple. We sprayed some on (a little bit seriously goes a long way), and we waited a couple minutes and started to scrub at it with an old cloth. The sales lady suggested paper towels but given the nature of the job we opted for an old washcloth. After a couple applications and a little bit of Beth Elbow Grease… we managed to get a ton of the limescale and calcium buildup off of the shower head.

While this did not fix the problem fully of the water pressure, it did help a ton. We will probably have some other examples of the use of this product but you could say that we highly recommend this. It is “non-toxic, non-delicious,” so it is safe for families with small children, and those with pets.

If you wish to check it out or perhaps order some for your own home, here’s the link to their website! They are based out of Florida and everything is made right here in the USA.


As always,

Nina and Beth