Beth’s Hidden Talent

So anyone who truly knows me might already know this, but I’ve got a special hidden talent. It’s not something you would guess by just looking at me, or by lookin at my grades or anything like that. I, am a master procrastinator. Now I know this isn’t something I should be necessarily proud of, but I DID graduate high school with highest honors so obviously something worked well for me!

Over the years I’ve noticed that when I’ve been given a deadline weeks in advance, I will still wait till a few days, or even the day before something is due to finish it. Along with this, I have also found I tend to work better under pressure. Before I go any further, THIS IS NOT ADVOCACY FOR PROCRASTINATION!! Procrastinating has caused me much unneeded and avoidable stress, so try not to do what I do. On the flip side of that, don’t be so quick to judge someone who does procrastinate. Perhaps they are like me.

I’m also that person who never seems to study. Now this isn’t because I think I’m super smart and already know everything; it’s because my brain physically doesn’t allow me to sit and “study” like normal people do. Generally, if I am going to learn and remember something, it will stick with me when my professor says it or I read it in a lecture. Going back over my notes or making flash cards just don’t seem to help me remember things. Once again, I don’t recommend doing this! The amount of times I have wished to be able to study on a regular basis rather than cramming the night before and hoping something sticks are innumerable.

I guess my point in this post would be don’t let someone’s study habits judge how you see them as a person. Yes I study like a high school drop out, yet I am on the Dean’s List. Yes I push off my homework until the last possible minute (even now as I write this I have homework I should be doing), yet I almost always get it done and turned in. Nobody is perfect and no two people learn the same way, so don’t treat everyone the same way.

Hope you enjoyed my slight rant guys! Love you!

❤ Beth

Hey We Aren’t Dead!

Hello! Guess what? We aren’t dead!! At this point our blog pretty much is, but hey! We came back! Anybody who works retail can understand how busy Nina and I are at the store right now; we’ve been drowning in Christmas junk for over a month already, and we are just getting started. We are going to be busy until next year (yes that’s only like a month and a half away, but I love those corny New Year’s jokes).

As for me, I’m FINALLY not sick (for now). I got rid of my nasty sinus infection for maybe a week before I managed to catch another one. That’s how my luck goes! I’m now feeling better and starting to get my life back on track again. My grades are decent, I’m working a ton, and I’m volunteering every Tuesday at the retirement home. I’m busy, but not too busy.

Both Nina and I are trying to keep our heads high as we head into this horribly busy season while still being short-staffed. We’ve started to get some fresh faces in who are doing well (aside from a few hiccups) and our original staff members (those who needed it) are starting to show some improvement 🙂

I’m super excited because we are doing Secret Santa this year! And we are having a holiday party with (almost) all of the staff outside of the store. Hopefully this will help bring our store together as we head into this busy holiday season!

Hopefully we can start posting more, but there’s really not much going on with us besides Christmas right now. Love you!!!

❤ Beth

Life is a Balancing Act

So we are now a couple weeks into the school year, and let me tell you it is not easy balancing school, work, social life and fun! I am a full-time student, but I only have class two days a week because I also have two online classes for a total of five classes. I also have a full-time job where my two days off during the week are Tuesdays and Thursdays. I also volunteer at the local nursing home when I have extra time. Outside of school and work I also have homework to do (and there’s quite a bit since I have online classes). Now assuming I still have energy (which I often don’t) I have friends and family I want to talk to and video games I want to play.

Now I would say that I’m a perfect student and always get my homework done on time and do all of it before I do anything fun, but anybody who knows me would see how big of a lie that is! I eventually get my work done, it can take a while sometimes though.

I’m not going to say working your way through college is easy, nor am I going to say it is for everyone, but it IS doable. If you have the dedication and determination, you can definitely pay your own way through school. Budgeting is the key to balancing life; budgeting your time, budgeting your money, budgeting your focus. It is better to take a few extra minutes to plan out when you are going to do everything rather than just diving right in and figuring it out as you go. Your plan doesn’t have to be set in stone because life is unexpected, but following some sort of plan helps you stay focused and accomplish everything you set out to do.

Well I’ve probably ignored my homework for long enough, but I felt bad that Nina and I haven’t been updating lately! It’s Halloween time in retail meaning we are going to be busy until after Valentine’s Day (Halloween turns into Christmas turns into Valentine’s Day). We both love you guys!!!

❤ Beth


So I, being as young as I am, am relatively new to the world of “adulting” and I just gotta say, this is hard work! I’m currently a week away from starting school again. So this time next week I will have begun my struggle of juggling a full-time job, full-time schooling, volunteer work, exercise, social life, and sleep. 

Last year I wasn’t working full-time so it was easier to manage school and work. But since my promotion to shift lead, I now work 30-40 hours a week. I’m loving the new position (amd the pay raise is pretty nice too 😂) and seeing as how I don’t have much of a social life, my summer has been not much more than simply working. 

This time last year is when I moved to Fargo. When I moved out of my parents’ home. When I moved away from the town I grew up in to start my adult life on my own. And it is scary! I can’t believe it’s been a year, yet at the same time I can’t believe that’s it’s been ONLY a year. So much has happened to me this past year, both good and bad. I’ve met so many people who have had such a huge impact on my life. Looking back I feel like “how did I manage life before I met these weirdos?!?” 

As I sit here on my lunch break at work I’m looking back on my life. I’m trying to imagine the fact that by this point in my life, my grandma was already married and starting a family. I’m trying to realize that only 5 years ago I was getting ready to start my first year of high school. I’m starting to realize that I’ve grown up so much, yet I still have so much growing to do (not physically because obviously I’m gonna be this short for the rest of my life). I’m so thankful to everyone who has helped me in life to grow into the woman I am. If you have to ask me if you’re one of them, you probably aren’t. You guys know who you are and you already know this, but I love you ❤️❤️❤️

Alright that’s about enough of that introspective emotional crap for today! Thanks for reading guys!

❤ Beth

Beth Answers for Nina (20 Questions)

Well here goes nothing….

  1. Are you a morning or a night person?
    • Nina: night
    • Myself: night, without a doubt
  2. Sweet or salty foods?
    • Nina: sweet
    • Myself: salty
  3. If you could be any animal what would you be and why?
    • Nina: a cat because they are the best
    • Myself: probably a cat because they are agile and do whatever they want
  4. If you could have any superpower what would you choose and why?
    • Nina: the ability to read minds so I could tell what people actually thought
    • Myself: the ability to fly so I could be even lazier
  5. What is your first thought when waking up?
    • Nina: should I really get up?
    • Myself: can I go back to bed yet?
  6. What do you think about while falling asleep?
    • Nina: all the crap I have to do tomorrow
    • Myself: whatever YouTube video I’m watching
  7. Favorite color?
    • Nina: lime green
    • Myself: neon pink
  8. Favorite food?
    • Nina: pizza
    • Myself: tacos
  9. Favorite video game?
    • Nina: The Sims
    • Myself: oh boy……………… probably Call of Duty
  10. Biggest celebrity crush?
    • Nina: Johnny Deep
    • Myself: Channing Tatum ❤
  11. Favorite song?
    • Nina: all of them except Despacito
    • Myself: Despacito 😉
  12. Favorite candy?
    • Nina: anything chocolate
    • Myself: Reese’s Pieces
  13. Dream job?
    • Nina: District Manager
    • Myself: District County Attorney
  14. If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
    • Nina: ……I have literally no idea for this one XD
    • Myself: Samantha (Sami)
  15. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
    • Nina: West Fargo…?
    • Myself: Costa Rica
  16. When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?
    • Nina: an author
    • Myself: a teacher
  17. What is your greatest accomplishment?
    • Nina: being promoted to assistant store manager, or getting married
    • Myself: graduating high school with a 2 year college degree
  18. Favorite Disney movie?
    • Nina: Tangled
    • Myself: Lady and the Tramp
  19. What is your weapon of choice for the zombie apocalypse?
    • Nina: shotgun
    • Myself: a katana
  20. Where do you keep your butter?
    • Nina: on the damn counter -_-
    • Myself: in the refrigerator where it belongs!

So I don’t have an answer for each one of these, but I’m pretty sure I got at least SOME of these correct. Check out Nina’s post to see how I did. Also check out what she answered for me!

❤ Beth

I am Beth


As the title of my post suggests, I’m Beth. Welcome to mine and Nina’s blog. I’m not yet sure what our goal with this is, but hopefully somebody finds enjoyment in our writing.

I figure I should give you guys a little insight into who I am. I’m an almost 20 years old girl from St. Cloud, MN. I am studying at NDSU and majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Spanish. I plan to attend law school and become a prosecution attorney.

I spend most of my free time, the little that I have, playing video games. I play The Sims, Minecraft, Call of Duty, you name it and I’ve probably either played it or seen someone else play it. I am an avid viewer of Youtube, mostly video game commentators. I’m always looking for suggestions so feel free to share your favorites with me 😀

I can’t think of much else to write, but I’m always willing to answer questions! You can find me on social media: Facebook Twitter Instagram

❤ Beth