It’s All Just a Matter of Time

Well now that Christmas season is over in the retail world it is time to get back to the normality and the simplicity of life. Trust me when I say that I am so thankful the holidays are over. There was so much stress and anxiety surrounding the season this year and it made it completely unbearable. I could not wait to take down my Christmas tree and get the house back in order. And most importantly, I couldn’t wait to get back to writing.

Obviously Beth is now back in classes and she is working full time as well (I know, she’s nuts in a good way). But my hope is that in some spare time we will get an opportunity to try out some life hacks we have been gathering from the internet over the last few months for us to really try out and be able to share with everyone. We have saved everything from baking ideas to pan cleaning tips for caked on stains and even some cleaning hacks and DIY cleaning product ideas that look to be fairly cheap and work almost as good as the name brand expensive stuff from the store.

Until then, I am sure we will fill up time with doing homework and cleaning and being us. But I am hoping to try and get a regular posting schedule back on track once again. This week will be difficult because Beth is working a few weird shifts in order to complete the cosmetics resets at Walgreens. But hey, maybe she’ll write a sleep deprived post about the experience of that. Who knows.

Until next time my friends,

sorry it’s short.

Nina ❤

Some Days Are Harder Than Others

As Beth said… we aren’t dead and I figured it was about time I wrote something to share with you guys. My title sounds a lot more ominous than it actually is but it’s a theme that seems to be recurring in mine and Beth’s lives almost every day. 

When we are kids and growing up, being an adult is such an appealing thing. No more house rules, no bedtime, no being told what to eat, what to do, or anything else. I know as a kid I always wanted to be older than I was… but now that I am going to be turning a quarter of a century old (that’s 25 for those who had to stop and think) I find myself wanting to be young again. To sit at home and not have responsibilities. To play with stuffed animals, color, listen to kids bop  (yeah I know… it’s horrible) and watch Disney movie after Disney movie. 

Those were what the older generation calls “the good old days” for me. When I was able to just be a kid and not have a care in the world. But both Beth and I were forced to somewhat grow up really fast. Beth more so than me. My dad had back surgery when I was in third grade and so I was really asked to step up around the house and help with chores and cleaning and even asked to help with random odd tasks. However, I wanted that. I wanted to help (well when I was young. Teenage me wasn’t as helpful as I should have been) and I wanted to be around to see my dad back to full health. 

Oh goodness that was so many years ago… 15 or so now. But i remember how much my dad tried to push the pain away so that he could do things to support us around the house, to be able to help with homework or sports or anything he could. 

I remember moving to the apartments in St. Cloud and my first few years playing sports at St. John’s. My dad used to lay on the couch in our tiny living room and let me hit headers at him so I could practice aiming (which was funny because I was a goalie so I never needed that skill). And he used to help me with my softball batting skills by making me take practice swings in the still tiny living room. 

But through all of that my dad taught me one very important lesson that I live by even now. Some Days are worse than others… Some Days are more painful, some days don’t make sense, and some days… Some Days will always be worse than others but it is the family and friends we surround ourselves with, the little things that happen and the moments that happen before our eyes that make every single second worth while. 

Thanks for reading, 

Nina ❤

Nina Answers for Beth (20 Questions)

  1. Are you a morning or a night person?
    • Beth: definitely night
    • Myself: night
  2. Sweet or salty foods?
    • Beth: salty
    • Myself: salty, I do like my ice cream but mmm chips
  3. If you could be any animal what would you be and why?
    • Beth: …….. crap. Uh, a zebra 😉
    • Myself: definitely a cat… lounge around all day and eat and get attention when I want it? Yes please
  4. If you could have any superpower what would you choose and why?
    • Beth: flight?
    • Myself: invisibility because then I could sneak up on people 😛
  5. What is your first thought when waking up?
    • Beth: can I go back to sleep?
    • Myself: what do I have to get done today?
  6. What do you think about while falling asleep?
    • Beth: family
    • Myself: friends
  7. Favorite color?
    • Beth: orange
    • Myself: lime green and orange
  8. Favorite food?
    • Beth: pasta
    • Myself: pizza
  9. Favorite video game?
    • Beth: Minecraft
    • Myself: call of duty
  10. Biggest celebrity crush?
    • Beth: Justin bieber when he speaks Spanish…
    • Myself: Liam Hemsworth (but only because Alan Rickman is dead 😦 )
  11. Favorite song?
    • Beth: despacito
    • Myself: 7 years
  12. Favorite candy?
    • Beth: starburst (doesn’t like chocolate much)
    • Myself: rolos
  13. Dream job?
    • Beth: lawyer
    • Myself: politician
  14. If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
    • Beth: Lizzy
    • Myself: Natalia
  15. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
    • Beth: New Jersey
    • Myself: Seattle
  16. When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?
    • Beth: lawyer
    • Myself: lawyer
  17. What is your greatest accomplishment?
    • Beth: moving away for college
    • Myself: beginning my life (husband, house, etc)
  18. Favorite Disney movie?
    • Beth: mulan
    • Myself: the aristocats
  19. What is your weapon of choice for the zombie apocalypse?
    • Beth: knife
    • Myself: missle launcher (but if I can’t have that then a light submachine gun)
  20. Where do you keep your butter?
    • Beth: fridge
    • Myself: counter

I am Nina.

What is it to really be someone? Well I suppose it must be the accumulation of all the things that have and have not happened in someone’s life that really makes each person who they are.

Alright, yeah, that is NOT me.

As my title says: I’m Nina!

I am 24 and still learning how to fully live life. I went to Concordia College at Moorhead and majored in Political Science with minors in English and Communication studies. My goal is to work towards a political position (even on the school board) and continue doing what I enjoy (which is quite a bit).

I am an avid netflix and chill kinda woman, however I have broadened my horizons into WWE network, Hockey and Hulu ;). I love watching Wild Hockey thanks to my husband, WWE is one of my passions from long ago that the hubby also brought back into my life and well netflix and hulu is all me!

I also enjoy gaming. Call of Duty, Resident Evil, Wolfenstein, and more! Board games are also a big part of my life and I have an entire closet of them.

Another passion is reading, Holy monkeys: I do like books. Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, Divergent are some series that I am overly obsessed with so feel free to chat with me about any of those at length! 😀

For my last note a little about me personally. My husband and I (we’ve been married 3 weeks now), have a new house and we have two lovely fur children (cats) who will probably make an appearance on the blog at some point.

Until then reach out, comment, like, share and ask me or Beth whatever questions you have!




Love always

Nina ❤